Where is Chanel Iman? Asap Rocky and Rihanna spend time together at a Soho House Dinner

Rihanna and Harlem “Goldie” rapper Asap Rocky were seen hand in hand at a Soho dinner party Monday Night. According to Bossip.com the two were together for nearly four hours, never straying away from each others sides. They partied with the likes of other music artist and producers as well.

Does Rihanna deserve the side eye for a night out with Asap? Although it may seem harmless should Iman worry about her man Asap and Man Sloring Rihanna?. We will just have to see. 


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Buckeye Bullet


Furious leaping long jumps, courageous sinister sprints,

 to the ballsy smell of bourbon oozing from Jesse’s breath.

A star struck individual as your breath runs rapidly

at the sight of his cocoa brown hand, and boney finger tips.


This aging chestnut stature of a man no one can resist,

who’s lived a life with a heart of gold that you could not miss.

Words left unsaid as conversation is imagined,

as fearful figure Jesse is scared of truths unseen. Was he like your father, a staggering

dark giant chasing you as he leaped across couches and coffee tables; with breath as harsh as Jack, racing to the line of hope you stumble as he beat you at the finish.


Forbidden Fruit

Night approaches as we say goodbye,

to the early sunlight and morning skies, no longer able to face this wholesome figure I wanted to find.

Yearning for your love until the end of time, hoping one day our love will bind.

This love is consistent never wanting to leave as each day goes by.

We are one and no other compares.

As blue skies cloud those sunny days.

Eyes burning from harmful rays.

Everyone stops, with harmful stares.

Will I ever see the glowing of your almond shaped face?

That I keep constantly in my mind,

such an Ebony goddess you are.

Walking ever so nervous I loose pace.

Who would have thought I would fall for your kind.

Skin bluish black, teeth white as pure cotton, I hope you love me as much as I love you.




Love Me

Love me like i’m the only one around

Love me like the worms travel through soil in the ground.

Love me for me and let that be it, Love me for my frame curved in all the right places,

Love me for the girl i was and the woman that i have become.

Love me flaws and all is all that i ask as much as temptation calls me to seek the snake that sits between your legs.

Love? Love is what i want and love is what i need, but who will give me love better than me?

Hello World

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